I already knew that for a while, but my grandiose search for a large microfiber towel for a reasonable price seems hopeless. So I don’t have much choice but a regular towel. I thought so, but then I read that there was a very easy, widely available and, above all, inexpensive alternative. A T-shirt! And that led me to do something I would never have thought in my life that I would: Buy a boring white formless T-shirt in size XL.

What is so wrong with a normal towel?

Hair is very fragile when wet. This is because it absorbs so much water that the connections that hold the hair tightly together are temporarily broken. So it is very important to be careful with wet hair. We shouldn’t touch it at all, but leaving a trail of water behind when you leave the shower is also not an option. We will have to dry our hair in one way or another. A towel seems a very safe option, I have been drying my hair with a regular towel for years. But appearances are deceptive because a towel turns out not to be as sweet to your hair as I thought.

Terry cloth, which includes towels, is cotton woven in loops. The fabric, therefore, absorbs extra quickly and a lot of moisture. It just does its job a little too well. It absorbs so much moisture that it dries out our hair. On top of that, terry is very rough due to the special weave and this causes friction. If we dry our hair with a normal towel, we push up the hair scales and may even break them off. As a result, tangles, lint, and even split ends may occur. “Stay away from that area with that towel!”, so actually calls us her. I think I’ll just listen.

What’s so great about a T-shirt?

So a towel is bad for our hair, but what do you need to dry your hair with? Fortunately, there are enough alternatives, but we probably never thought of using those things. We can simply dry our hair with an old worn cotton T-Shirt. Who knew? But also a paper towel, hydrophilic diapers (Hydrophilic diapers are cloths. – I can imagine it, such a normal diaper with holes for the legs on your head!: P) – pillowcases or a microfiber towel – Those things are divine. Your hair will dry super fast! – are very suitable.

So you can use anything, as long as it is smooth and consists of moisture-absorbing material. The smooth texture ensures less friction and is a lot friendlier for our dear vulnerable hair scales.

Like me, don’t you have an old worn-out t-shirt in the closet? Then buy a new one and wash it a few times. I have purchased my T-shirts at HEMA. A new T-shirt does not absorb as much moisture yet and that does not work very well if you want to dry your hair. Washing helps with this. Make sure you always wear a cotton t-shirt, because cotton absorbs moisture much better than, for example, polyester. Do not put your T-shirt in the dryer to speed up the process, because cotton tends to shrink. And we don’t want to have a small t-shirt that we can barely pat our eyebrows with.

How do you dry your hair with a T-Shirt?

A t-shirt is better than a towel, but we still have to be careful with our wet hair. A friendly way to dry your hair is to gently pat it dry. Always turn your t-shirt a little so that you always have a dry piece of cotton.

If you are a Curly Girl you can pick up your hair from below with the t-shirt and bring it towards your scalp. You then gently squeeze the excess water from your hair. You call this ‘screaming’. This is how you stimulate the natural curl shape. Do you have straight hair? Then it is better not to ‘scrunch’ your hair because then you will disturb the steep structure and you will cause frizz and damage. As a ‘Straighty’ it is better to gently pat down and glide from your scalp to maintain your natural hair structure.

Does all that bothering you take too long or does your hair still feel too wet after many dabs? Then wrap your hair in the T-Shirt. It sucks the excess water out of your hair, while you can do your thing nicely. Even if you sit between straight and curly hair just like me, this can be nicer for your hair.