Babywearing is spreading widely in Italy and it is increasingly easier to see wearers in a sling or baby carrier. Choose the best baby carrier for petite mom. Even more and more fathers are carriers and the most frequently asked questions concerning the choice of support can also be good for them.

95% of the calls/emails we receive for advice on choosing Babywearing support are from mothers but the number of dads is increasing. And there is also an increase in requests for baby carriers/swaddling to suit both parents.

Baby carriers for carrying fathers

Baby carriers are by far the most loved supports by men because they are easy to wear, are comfortable, and do not require constant practice.

We are asked if the same baby carrier can fit mum and dad. Size hardly turns out to be a problem, unless she is very petite and he is very abundant. In this case, the same support may not be used by both but these are very rare cases. In fact, the structured support is the most popular also for the possibility of adapting to the most disparate physicists.

Bring in the band

The sash is the least popular instrument among fathers but let’s not lose hope 🙂 sometimes it’s just a bit of a hindrance combined with some cultural heritage.

There is no need to take two bands, unless everyone wants to have their own for aesthetic reasons or other.

Generally a size 6 suits both and with this you can handle the vast majority of bindings.

If one of the two is much taller and/or abundant than the other, there are two solutions: either you take a longer size and the smaller one resigns himself to having tails like a peacock (tails = leftover fabric) or he takes the shortest size.

Now I’ll explain the second option.

If you choose the shorter size, which of the two has a larger build may not be able to bond. Mistaken. You have two important tools in your favor.

  1. Change the binding and choose one that includes fewer steps, thus saving fabric;
  2. use the rings. They will help you save one or two sizes. I remember the simple x done easily with a short 4 instead of a 5 because I used the rings on my back.

The colors and designs on headbands and baby carriers

On this topic, we at Frida wave the white flag. Color is a personal choice even if it is often dictated by cultural heritage rather than real preference. I recently gave my husband a pink flamingo shirt and he wears it with no problem. If for you the colors are related to the gender of the wearer and/or the wearer, choose a neutral color that everyone likes. Nowadays there are supports of every color and shape.

If you would like to share your experiences as a carrier dad with us, comment below!