Faye has made a very handy and effective method where you can cut your hair in the shape you want: the straight line, the V-shape and the U-shape. And if I even succeed, then you must succeed too! To make things a little easier, I have translated her instructions for you.

Please note: This is of course not comparable to the cutting skills of a hairdresser, but for those who want something simple and dare to do it themselves, this is a very good method.

Before you start

Make sure you use sharp scissors. Blunt scissors make it difficult to cut well and cause split dots. I use barber scissors myself. This one cost me a few tens, but it is worth it. The straight line.

Step 1

  1. Comb your hair well. Make sure all tangles are removed and all hairs are in the same direction.
  2. Make a low ponytail and secure it with a rubber band.
  3. Look at your toes so that your head is well bent. This ensures a straight line.
  4. Pull the rubber band along your body as far down as possible. If you can no longer reach it, try to pull the rubber band down with your hands from below (your arms behind your back instead of from your neck). Pull it all the way to the end of your ponytail. You can also ask if someone wants to help you. Take extra care to pull the elastic straight down, and not accidentally slightly to the side, to prevent your hair from becoming shorter on one side than on the other. Also, watch out that you really pull the rubber band down and not into the air backward.
  5. Now bring the rubber band at the end of your tail forward over one of your shoulders. Make sure you take a good grip on the rubber band (be careful not to shift the rubber band and the hairs) and then cut the bottom part straight.

If you have shorter hair you can ask if someone else wants to do it for you. You can repeat this step a few times to make sure that your dots are the same and you have not missed a strand of hair.

Step 2 (optional)

  1. Make a middle part from the hairline all the way down and bring your hair forward.
  2. Look straight ahead and cut off about half a cm from your hair.

The V shape

This shape is especially nice for curly hair and blow.

Step 1

  1. Comb your hair well. Make sure your hair is tangle-free and all hairs are facing in the same direction.
  2. Make a middle part from the hairline all the way down and bring the 2 parts of your hair forward.

Step 2

  1. Look in the direction for the desired shape. By looking straight ahead you get a medium V-shape. For a lighter V, you can look up at the ceiling a little. For a deep V, look at the floor. Experiment a little to find the right shape for you.
  2. Comb both sides well. Try to keep your head in the middle as much as possible. Watch out that you do not accidentally hang something to the left or right with your head.
  3. Focus on 1 side of your hair at the same time. You can use a rubber band to secure the other side while cutting one side. Comb the side you are going to take one more time while looking in the direction for the shape you want.
  4. Continue to look in that direction while grasping the tips of your hair with 1 hand (with your index and middle fingers). Hold your scissors with the other hand.
  5. If you think you’ve got a firm grip on your hair, move your head again so that you can look at your dots before cutting. If you don’t hold your hair firmly enough, hair may shift. Hold your dots up if it makes it easier for you to see what you are doing. Then cut as much as you want.
  6. Repeat on the other side. Try to make both sides as equal as possible. Of course, you don’t want one side to be shorter than the other.
  7. Bring your hair back and you will see that you have a V shape.

Step 3 (for the perfectionists, not required)

  1. Bring all your hair to one side (no middle part) and comb it through and cut the hairs that protrude. Then comb your hair to the other side and do the same. Faye does not give photos for this step and this step is therefore somewhat unclear.

The U shape

Step 1

  1. Comb your hair well to remove tangles and ensure that all hairs are in the same direction. Make a middle part, all the way from top to bottom. Bring the 2 sides of your hair forward.

Step 2

  1. Comb both sides one more time. When you’re done, bend your head back as far as possible and then comb a little more. It will feel a little crazy and you will also look very crazy, but it is worth it. To get a somewhat deeper U-shape you can also look straight ahead. And for a very deep U, you can look at the floor.
  2. Focus on 1 side at a time. For convenience, you can tie the other end with a rubber band. Comb the side you are going to cut one more time, while you have your head bent backward. (or as desired for a deeper U-shape) Grasp the ends of your hair with 1 hand, use your index and middle finger. Hold the scissors with your other hand.
  3. If you are sure that you have tightened your points, you can move your head a little more. That is very handy because then you can see what you are doing. Make sure you hold the points really well, otherwise they shift and your hair becomes uneven. Raise the points slightly so that you can easily reach them, and cut off as many as you want.
  4. Do the same with the other sides. Try to make both sides as even as possible for the best result.

Step 3

  1. If all is well you now have a V-shape when you bring your hair back. To make the V a U you have to comb all your hair back and secure it in a low ponytail.
  2. Bend your head forward and look towards the floor.
  3. Pull the rubber band as far as possible, and along your body, downwards. If you can’t reach it that well anymore, grab the rubber band from below, with your arms behind your back instead of in the neck. Be careful not to pull too much to one side.
  4. Now bring the rubber band and your hair forward over one of your shoulders. Grasp the rubber band firmly (watch that no hairs move) and cut the tip of the tail (this removes the V). If your hair is too short to do this yourself, you can turn to someone else’s help.
  5. Bring your hair back and see if you are satisfied with the result. If you still have a V you have to do this step again to cut something more from the ponytail tip.

Step 4 (for perfectionists. Not required, but highly recommended)

  1. Make a middle part from the hairline all the way to your neck and bring the two sides forward. Comb the two sides, while looking straight ahead. Keep your head well in the middle, do not tilt to 1 side.
  2. You will see that the dots are slightly uneven, trim them a little until they are equal (about ½ cm).

Step 5 (also for the perfectionists)

  1. Comb your hair all the way to one side (so don’t make a divorce). You do this step to ensure that you have not missed any hair during the cut. (This can happen if your divorce from before was not completely in the middle). Cut off any hair that is longer than the rest of your hair, making it as even as possible. Do the same only with your hair combed to the other side.

And see here my result from a while ago. I love the U shape. This is nice when you have your hair loose and is great to use for hairstyles without hair sticking out.