The Snowy’s Deep Moisture Treatment, or SMT, was devised by LHC member (LHC = Long Hair Community) Snowymoon, who one day tried out what turned out to be a great success. She placed it on the forum of The Long Hair Community and soon the recipe became mega-popular among members. I also swear by myself!

It gives an enormous moisture boost to your hair. If you have low moisture (dry) and/or damaged hair, it is a real lifesaver. It can save you a lot of cutting. If your hair gets longer, it is almost a must to do a so-called Deep Treatment for your hair every week and the SMT is great for that. Don’t you know the recipe yet? Then try it out today. You will not regret it!


2 part conditioner

The treatment works best with conditioners that contain as little protein as possible. Some people also prefer using silicone-free conditioners.

I achieved the best result so far with the Deep Conditioner from Lavera. Unfortunately, this is no longer available. But don’t worry, Lavera now has new and even better conditioners and treatments.

My tip is to experiment a little with different conditioners or masks. You will automatically notice what makes your hair happy.

1 part clear Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera has the ability to penetrate deep into your hair and that is great because Aloe is chock full of good fabrics that make your hair healthier and stronger. It also works as a humectant, which means it helps bring moisture into your hair and retain it. Due to its pH value, it also flattens the hair cuticles, making your hair shine and tangles less. Aloe Vera also puts a protective layer around your hair, making it more resistant to the angry outside world. Hooray for Aloe Vera!

Aloe Vera is not only great for your hair, but it is also very nice for your scalp. For example, it helps with scalp problems such as dandruff and seborrheic eczema, and as an extra bonus, it supports hair growth.

  • Do you have an Aloe Vera plant? Then you can stay at home! Do you not have one or have you already plucked it? Then go for an Aloe Vera gel from the store that is as pure as possible without all sorts of additives. If the gel is clear, you probably have a good gel. Prefer not to go for blue or green. I myself use that of Cruydhof alongside my Aloe Vera plant and I am very satisfied with it, even though it does contain some alcohol.

1 part honey

Just like Aloe Vera, honey is a so-called humectant. It is therefore also a real thirst quencher for dehydrated hair. And another thing that honey and Aloe Vera have in common is how amazing they are for the scalp. Honey also fights scalp problems and has the special property of shaking hair follicles.

Honey is also a so-called emollient, which means that it is a kind of fabric softener for your hair. After all, hair doesn’t differ so much from silk, cash ant and wool, so why not treat it that way?

  • Go for the best quality honey you can find, preferably unheated and without additives. I always spread my honey at Pit & Pit.


to blend

Put your ingredients in a container and mix them well together

To heat

Heat your mixture briefly in the microwave, approx. 15-45 sec. The heat ensures that the honey does not form peroxide, which could otherwise dry out and light up your hair.


Stir the whole again.


Spread the mixture over wet or dry hair. Don’t be too frugal, especially not at your ends. Very nice and thick. Have fun!


Allow the whole to withdraw for at least 30 minutes to an entire night. For even better results wrap your hair with foil and a towel to keep it warm. You can also use a heated hood if you have one. Because of the heat, your hair absorbs the ingredients even better. Don’t overdo it, too much heat is not good either.

Rinse out

Rinse everything thoroughly with water. Then do not wash it with shampoo, but style your hair as normal. If you do CO (conditioner only) then you can also use the SMT very well to wash your hair with.