Lotion Bars are nice little blocks – or big blocks, it is just what you want – that is wonderfully soft and caring for your skin and hair. They consist entirely of oils that are combined in such a way that they melt on your skin. You rub them between your warm hands and apply the released oil nicely into your hair for protection and hydration! And you can also use them for many other things, such as hand cream or body lotion!

What do you need? – Supplies & Ingredients

Silicone baking tins

Today we use nice bonbon tins, but if you want a larger block you can also go for example muffin tins.

Large Pan and Small Pan (or au bain-marie pan)

We are going to melt the oils au bain-marie. Don’t forget to fill the large pan with water. Do you melt things au bain-marie more often? Make it nice and easy for yourself by buying a special pan. You can find them on among other things.

1 / 3rd part Cocoa butter (10g)

I love cocoa butter. It really smells divine. Sometimes I have to control myself not to take a bite out of my lotion bars. Cocoa butter is used to make chocolate and is the fat of the cocoa bean. Cocoa butter melts around 35-37 degrees. So you could basically make your block entirely from this ‘oil’. You buy this divinely scented butter.

1 / 3rd part Coconut oil (10g)

This is a real super oil for your hair. It is one of the few oils that can really penetrate into your hair and even partially restore your hair. You should actually add this in a lotion bar for your hair. Coconut oil already melts at around 25 degrees, so add no more than 1 / 3rd.1 / 3rd part Beeswax (10g)

Beeswax is what a honeycomb from a beehive consists of. Beeswax ensures that the melting temperature rises somewhat in the recipe. If you do 25 degrees and 37 degrees together, you end up with a melting temperature of 31 degrees and that is a bit very low. Beeswax has a melting temperature of around 60-65 degrees and can be molded from 40 degrees.

Optional: Essential oils You

don’t have to do it for the scent, because your block will smell like delicious chocolate and/or coconut. But of course, you can always choose to add some essential oil. I myself like the combination of vanilla, roses, and chocolate. That’s why I take 2 drops of vanilla alcohol extract and 1 drop of rose geranium per block. If you have a larger block, add a total of 5 drops.

To work! – preparation

Boiling water – Put water in a large pan and bring to the boil.

Weighing oils and putting them together – Take the three ‘oils’, I have weighed 10 grams of each oil, and put them together in a small pan or special bain-marie pan if you have it.

Melting oils in a bain-marie – Place the small pan with the oils in the large pan with the water and wait for the oils to melt.

Add essential oil – In the meantime, drop the essential oils into your baking tins if you want to add them. Always add this in advance and not after you have already poured the oil into the mold.

Pouring molten oils into the mold – When the oils are melted – you will see that the beeswax makes it – pour the now liquid oil into your baking tins.

Let your lotion bar solidify – And then it is now waiting for them to solidify. This is usually quite fast, but it is wise to let them cure for a few hours. You can put them in the fridge, but wait a while for them to solidify.

And finished! – See, doesn’t that feel right? Piece of cake –uuuh – a piece of lotion bar I mean! Smell once * chuckle * Do you want to eat them already? Don’t do that, just lubricate, wherever you want. Then everyone wants to eat you later because you smell so delicious!


You can also use other oils. You just have to make sure that the average melting temperature of your oils together comes to around 37 degrees.

Some other oils you could use:

Mango butter – 30 degrees Celsius

Babassu oil – 25 degrees Celsius

Shea butter – shea butter – 37 degrees Celsius

Do let me know how you like it when you’ve made it, I am very curious about your cooking skills. Speaking of cooking, I really have to use that cocoa butter in an edible recipe, I think that makes me very happy.

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