Sun damage

Yes, the damage can even be quite large. UV radiation causes damage and loss of the keratin that makes up your hair. As a result, you lose its structure and become weaker and more vulnerable. In addition to the direct influence of the radiation, free radicals are formed because your UV radiation absorbs it, which can also affect the keratin.

Fortunately, the pigment in your hair, called melanin, can help protect your hair from the harmful effects of the sun. It absorbs and filters the UV radiation. The melanin can also partially block the free radicals so that they cannot end up in the depths of keratin. But melanin cannot prevent all damage. And because the melanin sacrifices itself, your hair is also less well protected afterward (and hence your hair also becomes lighter due to the sun). In addition, you also have the misfortune if you already have lighter hair of your own, this contains less melanin so that your hair is damaged even faster while you are basking in the sun.

And finally, there is of course that the moisture evaporates from your hair through the heat of the sun so that your hair dries out. It is therefore very important for your hair to protect it. Well, it’s not really an option to put sunscreen on your hair, but there are some other easy things you can do for your hair.

This post was created with the support of MyStraightener blog, who shared their advice with us.

Ready for the sun with these simple but effective tips:

1. Purchase a hat

Lucky you! Hats are back in style this summer, so that is no longer an excuse not to wear a hat on the beach or in your backyard. Hide your hair in the hat for the best protection.

Nice to know is that you protect your scalp in this way, which can also burn very ugly, I know from experience. You can lay a towel over your scalp and hair while tanning.

2. Use hair products with UV protection

Fortunately, the cosmetic industry is also increasingly recognizing the importance of sun protection products. For example, care sprays are available that contain a UV filter. Some hairdressing brands have such sprays, but you can also see them more and more at the drugstore. It is also nice that these sprays not only protect your hair but also take care of it. In addition to sprays, there are also serums to protect your hair from the sun.

Tip: Look around at the site of her shop. There you will find plenty of hairdresser’s brands in the range.

3. Lubricate with oil

Did you know that many oils of their own have an SPF factor? I came across a nice study in which some vegetable oils were tested for their SPF factor. Olive oil came out best, with an SPF of 7.5. Okay, it’s not a factor of 50, but oil has a protective effect in a different way than sunscreen. Other oils that scored well were coconut oil (7.1), castor or castor oil (5.7) and almond oil (4.7). By the way, jojoba oil has not been tested and my suspicion (unfortunately it remains a suspicion so far) is that it also contains a good SPF.

In addition to the SPF factor, oil is also useful in other ways for sun protection. It lays a long-lasting protective layer around your hair. One that, unlike many sunscreen creams, does not disappear through the water. It also protects your hair against the drying effects of the sun.

The lotion bars that we have made before are also very suitable for this, especially if you make them with essential oil of peppermint. This eo has an SPF of 6.7. If necessary, take the lotion bars in a bag, so that you can lubricate in between if you need to. 😉

4. Leave-in conditioner

Conditioners contain ingredients, such as oils, that protect your hair. They also put a layer on your hair, especially if they contain silicone. Conditioners also ensure that your hair dries out less quickly. Don’t have a leave-in conditioner? Then put a little conditioner in a bottle, mix it with water and spray it over your hair.

5. Light up your hair

By putting your hair up you don’t expose all your hair to the sun. It is a good idea to make a bun, where your points will be hidden under the rest of your hair.

6. Swim 1x long, then 10x short

A little cooling in the water is not a superfluous luxury with a heatwave. If you are going to swim then it is better for your hair to stay in the water for a nice long time, so that your hair only gets wet once or twice. Every time your hair gets wet it gets a blow. The water droplets increase the burning effect of the sun on both your skin and hair, so it may help if you wrap your hair in a towel or cover it with something while drying.

7. Aftercare with a hair mask

When the balmy summer evening has arrived and you are heading home again, treat your hair a little extra. I always love to take a shower after sunbathing, that helps your body get rid of the heat. And while taking a shower I take a nice nourishing hair mask to give my hair a well-deserved boost. Especially SMT ‘s very nice to do and make super easy.

+ Have a lot of fun!

The most important tip of all: Have fun! Unfortunately, we don’t have that many beautiful summer days in the Netherlands, so enjoy it and don’t let your hair get in the way of your pleasure. 😉

DIY: Protective SPF hair fog

You don’t have to buy expensive sun sprays or serums for your hair. You can easily make your own hair fog with protective and caring ingredients.