But how sexy are you when that wild hair forest has turned into a bird’s nest after a bit of a roll in bed? You know what I mean. And how annoying is it to be busy for an hour afterward to get all the tangles out of your hair again?

Someone challenged me with my semi-long hair to write this article. And I take that challenge wholeheartedly because it is actually quite a thing that many women encounter. While doing research – no, not that kind of research – I completely laughed at some experience stories – hair and sex could sometimes be a very awkward combination. Oh well, now to go through life as a nun for that is also something. So we are just going to look at things you can do to limit the damage while having fun. So a different kind of precautions. 😉

1. Purchase a satin pillowcase/duvet cover

Your hair glides more easily over satin than over rough fabrics such as cotton. There is much less friction and let friction be the thing that causes a lot of tangles. Some already swear by preventing damage to your hair while sleeping, but it can certainly help with other activities in bed. You can go for a complete satin duvet cover, but I’ve read quite a few amusing stories from people slipping their beds, so maybe you just want to go for the pillowcase.

The best type of satin is, I was told, cotton satin, among other things because it also attracts less lint and dust.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of satin for your hair? Then take a look at the article ‘Satin Pillowcase: More Beautiful Hair While You Sleep’.

2. Wear your hair

Loose hair that has freedom gets a lot faster in the tangles than hair that is well tied together. Maybe your partner will be a little less happy about this because some men get wild with loose hair, but hairstyles can also be fun and exciting. Especially if you make some more naughty hairstyles. What do you think of schoolgirl braids, the famous Princess Leia buns or a sexy junkie?

3. Select the correct position

The missionary attitude is not the most convenient position for your hair. Turn the rollers once and lie on top instead of the bottom. You will not be bothered by friction about pillows and sheets with your hair, you will not get stuck so quickly and you can just keep your hair nice and loose if you want.

4. Take care of your hair in advance

By pre-leave-in conditioner to make your hair or oil make your hair smoother and softer and find a protective layer to your hair – should I be really mean to put not all wrong note here – making it gets less tangled and damaged less quickly. It also ensures that your tangles go out more easily.

Do not put in too much of course, because it must also remain nice for your partner if he gets his hands through your hair. 😉

5. And what if I still end up with a bird’s nest?

After all, one hair tangles faster than the other, and for some people tangles during a romp cannot be completely avoided. It is better to remove tangles immediately before you go to sleep because it only gets worse while sleeping.

If you suffer from a lot of tangles, first try to carefully take the hair apart with your hands, before removing the comb. If the tangles are really hard to remove, step into the shower and completely soak your hair with conditioner. Leave the shampoo where it is, only uses conditioner. Rinse it out and let your hair dry (if you don’t have any curls) and then try to detangle it for a second. You can of course also add some leave-in conditioner, oil or detangling hair spray after showering to make detangling even easier.