Do not worry! Salvation is near! With these easy failproof methods, you only need a little bit of agility to measure your hair and you don’t have to stand half on your head. Or, of course, you can always ask the help of your lovely partner/friend (s) / children if it really doesn’t work out for yourself.

(This is the first part of my self-designed hair measurement scheme, the following 2 parts will be coming soon and the whole can always be easily found afterward in the main menu at the top of the page. Success with measuring!)

From the front hairline to dots

Comb your hair back. Place the start of your tape measure on the center of your front hairline (at the very top of your forehead). Let the ribbon fall backward over your crown. With your other hand, grasp the tips of your hair and the tape measure between the thumb and forefinger. Carefully slide down to the end of your dots, this also straightens your hair to the desired length. At the point just below your dots, place your thumbnail on the measuring tape. Release the top of the tape measure (that on the side of your forehead) and read your current length.

You can measure your goal length in the same way. But of course you do not stick to the tips of your hair, but the measuring point of your goal.

From the crown

Some people prefer measuring from the crown. The crown is the highest part of your head, you often make your middle part here. Personally, I do not find it useful to measure from here, because it is a somewhat unclear point. There is often an 8 cm difference between your forehead hairline and your crown.

From achieved goal to dots

From mid-back (under the chest) to dots (76 + 2 = 78 cm)

You maintain a goal * that you have already achieved. You know about this, if you have kept a close eye on it in the past, how many cms was needed to achieve this goal. From that goal, you measure towards your dots. Add the number of cm on your tape measure to the cm of the target you measured from.

Hair goals/lengths are discussed extensively in the next section

From points to goal to be achieved

Of course, it can also be the other way around, namely from your dots to your goal to be achieved. For that, you must of course already know the length in cms of your goal.

You can also do it at the back, but I personally prefer to measure for it.

Bring your hair forward (I divide the hair over 2 shoulders) and let it fall naturally. Hold the start of your tape measure against the outermost dots and hold both the dots and the tape measure between your thumb and forefinger. Carefully pull your hair and the measuring tape down so that the hair reaches its ‘extended’ length. Now use the other hand to guide the measuring tape to the desired measuring point. Place the nail of your thumb on the measuring tape where it touches your desired measuring point and releases your hair and the beginning of the measuring tape. Now read how many cms it is left to your desired goal.

Of course, you can also do this from the back, but in my experience, you need reasonable flexibility.

To and from an intermediate point (Measuring at extreme lengths)

Yes, how do you do that if you have very long hair? Chances are that you have to stoop to reach your ends. But if you stoop, your head and therefore your hair will also go down. And that is difficult! But there is a solution. A low tail has little or no influence on your total height, so that is what we are going to do. Take an elastic band and tie it in a place in your hair where you can still measure while standing upright. You often manage this until a little afterward. Measure towards the rubber band and note the number of cms. Grab the rubber band well and bring your entire hair upwards. Then measure from the rubber band to your dots. Add the cm’s together and you have a good idea of ​​how long your hair is.