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10 ways to always have straight hair

How can I straighten my hair permanently? What hair straightening products to use? Here are 10 ways to get perfect hair straightening. Straight hair without always having to use a hairdryer and straightener. It seems impossible but instead there are several ways to permanently straighten your hair. For those with slightly wavy hair … but not particularly difficult to straighten, we […]

The Curly Girl Method

I read and hear all kinds of things about the Curly Girl Method, how great it is, and there I am with my straight hair. I want to participate too! And you know what … why not? Why should the Curly Girl Method only work for strokes or curls? So stubborn as I am I […]

DIY: Lotion Bars

Lotion Bars are nice little blocks – or big blocks, it is just what you want – that is wonderfully soft and caring for your skin and hair. They consist entirely of oils that are combined in such a way that they melt on your skin. You rub them between your warm hands and apply […]